Hi! I'm 16 years old and have just finished my GCSEs which I did very well in; securing 1 A* (with distinction), 10 A* and 2As. I have published the revision notes I created and used for my various subjects on this website, so please feel free to utilise them. I have been told that they are of a very high standard and some of my classmates who used them went on to get multiple A*s! I hope you find them helpful too.

Though you may find my revision notes to be extremely informative by no means should they be the sole source of revision. Different people work in different ways but I found that making my own notes greatly helped my understanding and memory. So I would recommend using my notes as a foundation for your own learning techniques.

You may have noticed the abundance of advertisements on my site and I apologise but it is necessary to fund the maintenance and upkeep. So please could I ask you to put up with them and if you think my notes are brilliant and help you get that A* please could you donate some money or spread the word and tell your friends and family about it. Thank you, please find the subjects I have notes on listed below and on the Subjects page